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Bus 100 Study Guide - Chatper 1 1 What factors affect the...

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Chatper 1 1. What factors affect the communication level in an organization a) nature of the business b) the operating plan c) its environment d) the geographic dispersion of its members e) its people f) its organizational culture 2. What are the types of communication that takes place in an organization a) internal operational: the communicating done in conducting work within a business b) external-operational: work-related communication with people outside the business c) personal communication: non-business-related exchange of information and feelings among people 3. What is grapevine? how do you deal with it? grapevine: communication network that carries much gossip and rumor; fickle and inaccurate - you deal with it by finding out who the talk leaders are and give them the information that will do the most good for the organization, also make management decisions that will cultivate positive talk 4. How do you deal with personal communication at work place? - the kinds of personal communication allowed and encouraged in the company affect employee attitudes - personal communication elements can enhance internal and external business communication Chapter 2 1. what is adaptation adaptation: fitting every facet of your communication solution to your intended recipients 2. How does adaptation work when dealing with multiple audiences write in such a way that everyone can find and follow the parts of your message that are intended for and of value to them - ex: define any specialized vocab. you use spell out implications of your findings for their domains of interest provide clearly worded headings 3. What is active versus passive voice in writing ex: i broke the glass vs. the glass broke "to be" verbs saps the energy from sentences - strong verbs make your writing lively and interesting - passive is preferable to help avoid accusing the reader or if the performer is unknown ex: the color was not specified in your order ex: anonymous complaints have been received 4. What is the difference in effect in using verbs, adjectives, etc? your choice of words need to be guided by your audience and purpose. write in the reader's language, and don't sacrifice effectiveness for brevity 5. What does it mean to be concrete? concrete words stand for things the reader can see, feel, taste, or smell. They hold interest, for they refer to the reader's experience. concretness also means being specific.
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Ch 3 What do readability studies suggest to us concerning: length of sentences, difficulty level of sentences? Use short and clear sentences. Do not use long and hard to understand ones. Be precise. How does the length of sentences affect emphasis? a) shorter sentences carry more emphasis, b) when two or more ideas are in a sentence, they share emphasis. You can change the sentence structure to affect emphasis:
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Bus 100 Study Guide - Chatper 1 1 What factors affect the...

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