118 MIDTERM EXAM Review - MIDTERM EXAM BUS 118 Electronic...

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Unformatted text preview: MIDTERM EXAM BUS 118 Electronic Marketing April 29, 2009 Format: PART 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE. 31 questions, 2 points each, 62 points total PART 2 MATCHING. 2 questions, 4 points each, 8 points total PART 3 SHORT ANSWER. 5 questions (note: only your best 5 of 6 answers are counted), 6 points each, 30 points total Topics that may be covered: 2Is 4Cs framework and user motivations; rational vs. experiential; sub types of motivations Connect The Social Web connects people with each other. This means that consumers can satisfy each others needs. Marketers can be replaced. Create Consumers actively create user-generated content in the Social Web. This content has tremendous value. Consume The Social Web is a consumption event in itself. People consume user generated content in the Social Web. It may be much more interesting than anything that a company has put on the Web. Control Consumers seek control of their online experiences. The Social Web allows consumers to be firmly in control. They are not members of an audience passively viewing content. Rational Vs. Experiential (Class 4, Slide 31) The 4Cs framework can be subdivided by rational vs. experiential user motivations (Novak and Hoffman 2009): Rational - work, goal directed, instrumental, planned Experiential - play, non-directed, ritualized, impulsive Self esteem Autonomy Self expression Self understanding Curiosity Entertainment Positive Experience Routinized Ambient intimacy Emotional Peer pressure Social interaction Achievement Influence Instrumental Self Augmentation Knowledge Share Information Affinity...
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118 MIDTERM EXAM Review - MIDTERM EXAM BUS 118 Electronic...

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