Bus 102 Lecture Notes

Bus 102 Lecture Notes - Library session Rm 149 Rivera 04/20...

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Library session Rm 149 Rivera 04/20 9am 04/21 11am 04/22 1pm 04/23 9am 04/24 10am Conclusion of part 1 4 important ethics questions: 1. What is? 2. What ought to be? 3. How do we get from what is to what ought to be? 4. What is our motivation in all this? Shaped by beliefs in faith, education, national identity, ethics by which society lives General management issues (*What ought to be*) Strategic management: a way of thinking – a philosophy that is plan-centered, a process, an evolution, a destination Once you have reached the external phase what are the variables? – economy/economic forces, political/legal, social/cultural, think more broadly, general environment p. 157 – 4 levels of strategy (all should be done simultaneously ) 1. Functional – “How should a firm integrate its various subfunctional activities, and how should these activities be related to changes taking place in the diverse 2. Business – How do we compete? 3. Corporate – What business should we be in? Where is the corporation going? 4. Enterprise – What is the role of the organization in society? The stakeholder environment a. J&J Credo – role in the world, philosophy of ethics, shareholder getting a fair return; benchmark for enterprise level firm b. P. 159 – “what are the broad implications for our current mix of businesses and allocations of resources?” **Corporate purpose: properly defined, corporate purpose should rarely, if ever, change;
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Bus 102 Lecture Notes - Library session Rm 149 Rivera 04/20...

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