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Bus 100 Practice Final - Practice Final 1 Preceding a...

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1. Preceding a refusal with an apology (such as “I deeply regret that…”) is a positive way of handling refusals. A) True B) False 2. An ideal average sentence length in writing for the middle-level adult reader is 8 to 10 words A) True B) False 3. Short sentences receive less emphasis than long sentences. A) True B) False 4. As a rule, the shorter ways of saying things communicate better. A) True B) False 5. As a rule, simple organizations require more communications than do most complex ones. A) True B) False 6. In a message refusing credit you should proceed directly to the objectives, for you are not interested in the reader’s goodwill. A) True B) False 7. Communication is collaborative. There is really no such thing as one-way communication. A) True B) False 8. A good rule is to write so that a person just like you can understand the message. A) True B) False 9. In adapting writing to a wide range of educational backgrounds one should write for those in the middle. A) True B) False 10. Because short words tend to communicate better than the long ones, you should prefer them in your writing. A) True B) False 11. Building goodwill through messages is gratifying to business people personally, but it is difficult to justify as a profitable business practice. A) True B) False 12. The old “language of business” in vogue a century ago has given us some of our most useful expressions for writing messages today. A) True
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Bus 100 Practice Final - Practice Final 1 Preceding a...

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