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POL 2241 Final Exam

POL 2241 Final Exam - Seth R Norton POL2241 Brown POL 2241...

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Seth R. Norton POL2241 Brown POL 2241 Final Exam 1. A major difference between presidential campaigns and congressional campaigns is that D) presidential races are generally more competitive. 2. The elections that produce the largest voter turnout are the E) presidential elections. 3. Voters tend to prefer presidential candidates with experience as a A) governor. 4. When districts are so unequal that the votes of citizens are significantly diluted, they are A) malapportioned. 5. When districts are drawn in a bizarre or unusual shape to assist candidates, they are D) gerrymandered. 6. The Constitution calls for reapportionment B) every ten years. 7. A _________ issue is one in which the rival candidates have opposing views on a question that also divides the voters. E) position 8. The impact of television advertising is probably C) greater in primary elections than in general elections. 9. T The media play an increasingly important role in campaigns and elections. 10. T Money has less influence in campaigns and elections than it did thirty years ago. 11. T Typically, most of the money a candidate spends is spent on media. 12. T Research suggests that highly emotional ads have little impact on those who are interested in politics and are well informed. 13. In the United States, unlike Great Britain, interest groups can easily gain access to government because E) political authority is widely dispersed. 14. One type of interest group whose representation in Washington has skyrocketed since 1970 is the E) public-interest lobby. 15. An organization that seeks to influence public policy is most accurately referred to as a(n) A) interest group. 16. Which of the following is not an example of a material incentive? C) The appeal of the organization's stated goals 17. Organizations that attract members by appealing to a coherent set of usually controversial principles are called D) ideological interest groups. 18. The biggest federal contractor is
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D) Lockheed Martin. 19. Probably the best measure of an interest group's influence is its A) size. 20. F The number of interest groups in the United States has slightly increased since 1960.
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POL 2241 Final Exam - Seth R Norton POL2241 Brown POL 2241...

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