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1 Department of Biomedical Engineering Department of Biomedical Engineering EBME 105 EBME 105 Biomedical Imaging Biomedical Imaging September 5, 2007 September 5, 2007 Lecture #4: Basics of Basics of Biomedical Imaging Biomedical Imaging James Basilion Mark Griswold Zhenghong Lee Zhenghong Lee David Wilson Yanming Wang Yanming Wang Jean Tkach Andrew Rollins Ray Muzic Xin Yu Xin Yu Agata Exner Agata Exner Jeff Duerk Jeff Duerk Imaging Faculty Marty Pagel Wickenden Wickenden 428 428 (216) (216) -368 368 -8519 8519 [email protected] [email protected] Imaging Milestones X-ray projection (film); Roentgen 1895 NMR; Bloch and Purcell , 1926 Ultrasound (2D) 1952 Nuclear medicine (anger camera), 1957 Computed tomography, Hounsfeld and Cormack , 1972 MRI imaging; Lauterbur , 1972 Commercial CT, SPECT, mid 1970's Commercial MRI, early-mid 1980's * Nobel Prize Winners EXACT HR+ (Siemens) Mouse Scanner microPET P4 (Concorde) 1.5 Tesla 7.0 Tesla Human Scanner PET MRI Mouse Brain Images Small Animals need Small Animal Scanners Pre-Clinical vs Clinical Imaging Gross Diagnosis Axial T 1 w MRI Renal Toxicity Hereditary renal cell carcinoma caused by germline mutation of Tsc2 in Eker rat strain M Pagel & J Brassard Pharmacia Corp., 2003 Anatomical Imaging Monitoring Tumor Growth Advantages • Non-invasive • Temporal Monitoring • Spatially Accurate Disadvantages • Poor Early Detection • Poor Specificity • Poor Sensitivity Imaging Applications
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2 Advantages • Non-invasive • Temporal Monitoring • Early Detection Disadvantages • Poor Specificity • Poor Sensitivity or Spatial Accuracy Functional Imaging Monitoring Tumor Growth Tumor Angiogenesis Rate of imaging probe accumulation correlates with rate of growth of new blood vessels M Pagel & J O’Neal Pharmacia Corp., 2003 Imaging Applications Advantages • Non-invasive • Temporal Monitoring • Early Detection Disadvantages • Poor Specificity
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  • Magnetic resonance imaging, Medical imaging, Voxel, spatial resolution, Biomedical Imaging Modalities Imaging Modality, Image Concepts

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Lect04_imaging01_basics_Sep05 - Department of Biomedical...

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