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How do I a cce ss th e Pod c a s t L ec tur e s and Lab D e mo s ? 1. 2. Go to th e Pod c a s t s it e : https://podcast.ic.sunysb.edu/weblog/bio204 . This site will give you a list 3. As prompted , Ent e r th e u s e rnam e ss word . a. Server1: U s e rnam e : bio204s Pa ss word : sa1lbØat (the password is letter s, letter a, number 1, letter l, letter b, number Zero, letter a, letter t) b. Server 2: U s e rnam e : bio204s2 Pa ss word : sa1lbØat c. Ch ec k if you ar e not on a public computer. 4. Links to the most recent videos that were uploaded will be present. You will have a m e nu tabl e in the lower right hand column. 5. You can go to Lab files by clicking the appropriate entry or you can view all entries by clicking All Entri e s . 6.
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