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Binary Ionic Names to Formulas Drill Name: Silver phosphide answers    Lithium carbide Ag 3 P Magnesium chloride Li 2 C Aluminum oxide MgCl 2 Zinc nitride Al 2 O 3 Potassium sulfide Zn 3 N 2 Barium fluoride K 2 S Gold chloride BaF 2 Calcium bromide AuCl Sodium oxide CaBr 2 Barium phosphide Na 2 O Calcium sulfide Ba 3 P 2 Gold nitride CaS Lithium bromide
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Unformatted text preview: Au 3 N Potassium fluoride LiBr Magnesium nitride KF Zinc chloride Mg 3 N 2 Calcium nitride ZnCl 2 Aluminum iodide Ca 3 N 2 Silver chloride AlI 3 Magnesium phosphide AgCl Sodium chloride Mg 3 P 2 Barium oxide NaCl Lithium oxide BaO Potassium sulfide Li 2 O K 2 S...
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