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PSY3204---CHPT.1 EXERCISES AND SOLUTIONS Exercise Complete the following questions on a sheet of paper. Check your answers on the Exercise Solutions page. 1. What is the difference between rationalism and the scientific method? 2. A social scientist measured the number of years of education of a random group of people and asked them their income. The scientist then found that the longer the education, the higher the income. a. What kind of study was this? b. Do you think that the scientist can rightfully infer that higher education causes higher income? 3. A scientist takes a random sample of 50 citizens in a city and asks them their age. The scientist then calculates the average age and uses that as an estimate of the average age of all the citizens in the city. What is this process called? 4. Another scientist is interested in parameter estimation. When asked to estimate the average income in a city he went to the Millionaire's Club and asked each person their average income. What was wrong with that process?
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