Experiment 6

Experiment 6 - Cyclohexene 0.8111 g/cm 3 82.8-103.7 82.14...

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Experiment 6: Transfer Hydrogenation of Olive Oil Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to use Transfer Hydrogenation to saturate Olive oil. Table of Reagents Density Boiling Point ºC Melting Point ºC Molecular Wt g/mol Structure Palladium 12.023 g·cm −3 2963 1554.9 106.40
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Unformatted text preview: Cyclohexene 0.8111 g/cm 3 82.8-103.7 82.14 Olive Oil ** 300 −6 885.47 Hexane 0.6548 g/mL 69-95 86.18 Safety Use caution with the Palladium catalyst. It is toxic and can cause fires when in contact with certain compounds. O O O O O O O O O O O O Pd/C...
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