Introduction-Williamson - o-Cresol 30.9 191 1.05 108.14...

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Introduction In this experiment, we will be performing a Williamson ether synthesis. I this synthesis reaction, an alkoxide ion reacts with a primary alkyl halide or tosylate in an SN2 reaction. Cresol is the alcohol and source of the oxyanion and chloroacetic acid as our alkyl halide to produce methylphenoxyacetic acid. The nucleophile (oxyanion) attacks the chloroacetic acid with the chloride ion being the leaving group. In order to construct an unsymmetrical ether, we are using a more sterically hindered alkoxide and a less sterically hindered halide. Table of Reagents Name Melting Point (ºC) Boiling Point (ºC) Density g/mL Molecular Weight g/ mol Structure Chloroacetic Acid 62-64 188 1.58 94.50 m-Cresol 11.5 203 1.03 108.15
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Unformatted text preview: o-Cresol 30.9 191 1.05 108.14 p-Cresol 32-34 202 1.03 108.14 Ethyl acetate-83.6 77.1 0.895 88.11 Hydrochloric acid 114.24-85.06 0.909 36.46 H-Cl m-methylphenoxyacetic acid 103 n/a n/a 166.18 o- methylphenoxyacetic acid 152 n/a n/a 166.18 p- methylphenoxyacetic acid 137 n/a n/a 166.18 Potassium Carbonate 891 n/a 2.29 138.19 Potassium hydroxide 360 1320 2.04 56.10 K-OH Water 100 1.00 18.02 Safety Cresols are very corrosive; therefore they should be kept away from skin contact. Always wear gloves and goggles. KOH is a strong caustic and Chloroacetic acid is a strong acid. Both should be handled with care. Avoid skin contact. Wash any spills with water. Discard Ethyl acetate in specified bottle....
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Introduction-Williamson - o-Cresol 30.9 191 1.05 108.14...

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