Pre-Lab Exp 3 - mL 56.2-94.9 58.05 g/mol Nutmeg(trimyristin 0.885 g cm 3 56-57 723.14 g mol Safety Inhalation of Methylene Chloride can be harmful

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Pre-Lab: Experiment 3- Extraction Introduction In this lab, we will be extracting trimyristin (triglyceride) from the spice nutmeg. This will be carried out by small scale extraction. Table of Reagents Density Boiling Point (ºC) Melting Point (ºC) Molecular Weight Structure Methylene Chloride 1.3266 g/cm³ 40 -96.7 84.93 g/mol Water 1.000 g/ mL 100 0 18.0153 g/ mol Acetone 0.819 g/
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Unformatted text preview: mL 56.2-94.9 58.05 g/mol Nutmeg (trimyristin) 0.885 g/ cm 3 *** 56-57 723.14 g/ mol Safety Inhalation of Methylene Chloride can be harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to use the solvent in a ventilated area, or under a fume hood. Also, be sure to wear gloves throughout this experiment because this solvent can harm your skin....
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