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Results and Discussion Experiment 1

Results and Discussion Experiment 1 - Conclusion Our...

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Results and Discussion: We began our experiment by weighing out 0.6015 grams of anthracene and 0.304 grams of maleic anhydride. It took a while for the actual refluxing to begin. After performing our reflux, we collected a yellowish-brown substance. We obtained 0.394 grams of the product (9, 10 dibromo-9, 10-ethanoanthracene-11, 12-dicarboxylic anhydride). This produced a 46.3 percent yield.
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Unformatted text preview: Conclusion: Our percent yield was slightly low. This could have been caused by loss of product during reflux. Some of the product was stuck to the flask, therefore, resulting in a lower percent yield. Despite this, we were able to carry out the reaction smoothly and efficiently collect some of its product....
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