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Results After refluxing our mixture of isoamyl alcohol, acetic acid, and sulfuric acid, we added sodium bicarbonate. We then saw two distinct layers, aqueous and organic. The ester, isoamyl acetate, remained dark yellow throughout being dried and distilled. We recovered .138 grams of isoamyl acetate from the distillation which resulted in a percent yield of 16 percent. The boiling point was found to be 51ºC. Conclusion We only recovered 16 percent of our product. This low percent yield could have
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Unformatted text preview: been caused by not efficiently extracting the layers. Our boiling point was much lower than the expected boiling point of 142 ºC. This could have been caused by the fact that it is very hard to take the boiling point of this product, and we had to result in determining its vapor pressure. Our product may have also had impurities that could have been caused by improper distillation, and not extracting the layers correctly. Questions...
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