HW _7 - से में पर 1 जूते घर...

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HW #7 1. Translate the following sentences and phrases. 1. There are two schools in this small city 2. To that black bird 3. This small girl is not among ( में ) these little children. 4. By the Japanese car 5. The old expensive books are on the red table. 6. The newspaper is on that small black table? 7. Why are you upset ( परेशान )? 8. How many curtains are there in this big house? 9. No this house is not red. 10. Where is her house? 11. There are new tables in all the classrooms. 12. Your glasses are on that big table. 13. There is a huge tower ( टावर ) at ( में ) this University. 14. There are eight green trees in that small garden. 15. There are ten knives in this big kitchen.
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HW #7 2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate postpositions. You can use one postposition twice.
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Unformatted text preview: से , में , पर 1. जूते घर------ हैं । 2. आिÂटन .................. एक यु±नविस²टी है। 3. घर से यु±नविस²टी ................... १० मील (miles) है। 4. आप इंिडया .............. हैं ? 5. मेज़ .............. ³या है ? 3. Make corrections in the following sentences and rewrite them. 1. हमलोग सुंदर कमरा में हैं . 2. लड़´कयाँ में ( among) एक डैलस से है। 3. अलमाµरयाँ में ³या है ? 4. आपका कपड़ा छोटा कमरा में है। 5. िमठाइयाँ अचछा हैं।...
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HW _7 - से में पर 1 जूते घर...

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