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EGES 523 Homework 1 Assigned: 1/11/06 Spring 2006 Due: 1/23/06 (4:30 pm) 1. Do Problem 1.1 in your textbook. 2. Consider the feedback system shown in Figure 1. a) Find the closed-loop transfer function from r to y . b) Let K = 2, a = 1, b = 2, and c = 3. Determine the closed-loop zeros and poles. Is the system stable? c) Using the Final Value Theorem, compute the steady-state value of y ( t ) when () () < = = 0 , 1 0 , 0 1 t t t t r . (Hint: Use the table on the inside cover of our textbook to determine R ( s ).) Figure 1: Continuous-time feedback system for Problem 1 3. Now you will analyze the Problem 2 using Matlab. Your version of Matlab must have the Control Systems toolbox in order to do this problem. Begin by opening Matlab and defining the transfer functions D(s) and G(s). If you have never used Matlab before, you might wish to review the tutorial available at http://www.mines.edu/~kjohnson/EGES523_S06/MatlabPrimer.pdf . Matlab’s control systems toolbox offers more than one way to define a transfer functions, including “zpk” and “tf.” You can use the zpk function to enter transfer function zeros, poles, and gain, in that order. Multiple poles and zeros are bracketed as vectors. You can use the tf function to enter transfer functions written as a ratio of polynomials, where the
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Homework01 - EGES 523 Spring 2006 Homework 1 Assigned:...

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