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ERRATA in TEXT 1 Supplement to MICROELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS by Clifton G. Fonstad ERRATA in TEXT (EXCLUSIVE OF END-of-CHAPTER PROBLEMS * ) December 18, 1998 Edition Page 14, three lines above Figure 2.7: The word "presure" is missing an "s" and should be "pressure". Page 14, Figure 2.7(b): The energy level labeled N a should instead be labeled N d . Page 39, following Equation (3.31): The -1 in the quantity τ min -1 should be a superscipt on τ min , and parentheses should be inserted, so it reads "( τ min ) -1 ". Page 42, Figure 3.3 caption: In (c) a set of parentheses is missing around the t in n't; it should read "n'(t)". Page 43, two lines above Equation (3.45): The word "frequent" should be "frequency". Page 43, last term on the page: The w in the exponent should be a ω so the factor reads "Re[Be j( ω t+ θ ) ]". Page 45, Equation (3.46): The expression for θ should be preceeded by a minus sign so it reads " θ = - tan -1 ( ωτ e )". Page 46, Figure 3.5: The values on the vertical scales should be multiplied by a factor of two. Thus the peak value of g l (t) in (a) should be 2G, rather than G; the peak value of n'(t) in (b) should be 2G τ e , rather than G τ e ; and the average value of n'(t) in (b), (c), and (d) should be G τ e , rather than G τ e /2. Page 49, following Equation (3.55a): A prime is missing on p and it should read ". ..pairs, n' = p' and. .." Page 65, Equation (3.23): To be consistent this equation should be numbered 3.23'. Page 66, Equations (4.13a) and (4.13b): The factor n 2 i should be n i 2 as in Equation (4.13c). . Page 76, Equations (5.17) and (5.18): To be consistent the factor n'/ τ e should be written n'(x,t)/ τ e . Page 76, Equation (5.20): The factors in the denominators of the first two factors should indicate partial, rather than total, derivatives. Thus dt should be t, and dx 2 should be x 2 . Page 79, first sentence: The correct relationships between the quantities A, B, C, and D are C = (A + B)/2 and D = (A - B)/2. * End-of-chapter Problem Changes, Errata, and Comments begin on page 10.
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2 - MICROELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS, Clifton Fonstad Page 81: Three lines before Equation (5.33b), the term n'(x 4 ) τ e should instead be n'(x 4 )/ τ e (i.e. the quotient of n'(x 4 ) and τ e , rather than their product). Page 82, Figure 5.2: The e on the factors De in the lower portion of this figure should be subscripts so the factors read D e . Page 87, Figure 5.5b: The label on the vertical axis should have a subscript L and read g L (x), and the height of the pulse should be G L , rather than G. Page 88, Expression for C: The second term should be "- e -2w/L e D". Page 90: The expression for n'(x) for 0 x x 1 should have a 2 in the denominator of the first term and read G L x 2 n'(x) = - 2D e + Ax + B The impact of this missing 2 propogates through the discussion. The next equation going down the page is alright, but the following one should be G L x 2 1 - + B = C e x 1 /L e + D e -x 1 /L
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errata - ERRATA in TEXT 1 Supplement to MICROELECTRONIC...

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