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lec25_cmos - 1 6.012 Electronic Devices and Circuits Fall...

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1 6.012 - Electronic Devices and Circuits, Fall 2003 CMOS Gate Delays, Power, and Scaling GATE DELAYS Earlier in the term (Lec. 16) we calculated the gate delay for a symmetrical CMOS inverter with V Tn = |V Tp | V T , C o * xn = C o * xp C o * x , and K n = K p , in which both the n- and p-channel devices were minimum gate length devices, i.e., L n = L p = L min . The p-channel device was made twice as wide as the n-channel device to get the desired K equality, because we assumed µ e = 2 µ h . We found that the gate delay was given by: GD 4 C L V DD K n (V DD - V T ) 2 Replacing C L and K n , to write this in terms of the device dimensions, we found after a bit of simple algebra: GD 12 n µ e L m 2 in V DD (V DD - V T ) 2 POWER There is zero static power in CMOS so the only contri- bution is the dynamic power P ave = C L V D 2 D f where f is the operating frequency and C L is the loading capacitance. This load will be the average fan-out, n, times the input capacitance of a similar CMOS gate, plus any parasitic interconnect capacitance: C L = n C o * x (L min W n + L min W p ) + C parasitic = 3 n C o * x L min W n + C parasitic
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2 Neglecting C parasitic , we can write P ave = 3 n C o * x L min W n V D 2 D f MAXIMUM POWER The maximum power dissipation will occur when the gate is operated at its maximum frequency (bit rate), which is in turn proportional to 1/ GD . Thus we can say P ave max µ 3 n C o * x L min W n V D 2 D 1 GD = 1 4 W n L min µ e C o * x V DD (V DD - V T ) 2 = 1 4 K n V DD (V DD - V T ) 2 The importance of keeping V DD small is quite evident from this expression, but the situation is not black and white because making V DD small makes GD large; the same is
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