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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6.111 -- Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory A Beginner's Guide to WARP We have two versions of WARP available on Athena computers, namely 4.3 and 6.2. No versions of WARP are available on pcs in the lab as WARP is not available for pcs running any variant of unix. Sunpal[12] computers in the digital lab have only WARP 4.3 available. WARP 4.3 is the default when you access it via an Athena machine and setup 6.111. If you wish to switch versions then two aliases are provided, namely setwarp43 and setwarp62 . The aliases set the appropriate environment variables and update your path. WARP is a program donated to MIT by Cypress Semiconductor. You are free to use it for any educational or personal purpose. Should you want to use it in connection with any job (i.e., commercial activity), you should secure your own donation or pay Cypress their rather modest fee. This rather short tutorial will not tell you all there is to know about WARP. Rather it is aimed at getting you started by supplying two relatively straightforward VHDL files. One of these files implements a half adder. The other implements a full adder by wiring two half adders and adding a two-input or. What follows is an outline of the steps to compile a JEDEC file and simulate a design of a full adder. This design is, of course, simple; but it is done hierarchically to provide some sample VHDL code which you may later edit to design some other digital combinational logic. The basic steps are the same for both versions of WARP but they may differ in the exact series of mouse clicks. Select a project Select a device Select a package Add source files Select a file as the top Compile the files After that you may wish to inspect the report file and/or simulate the jedec file which was produced before programming your device with the jedec file. The exact mouse clicks are different but both versions presume that you have sourced the appropriate warp.cshrc file. You can verify that this has been done by typing
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which galaxy This should tell you the location of the galaxy program which you will execute. From it you can easily tell which version of WARP is currently selected. If you want the other version (and are on a computer which supports both), then use the
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beginners - Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

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