mtable - (lsb of the output byte and should range between 0...

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NAME SYNOPSIS mtabl he DESCRIPTION b_ OPTIONS b_ -he SE ALSO BUGS AUTHOR COPYRIGHT MTABLE(1) MTABLE(1) E mtable - creates a prom file for a table lookup multiplier S mta le -l -d lp e [ -l ] [ -d ] [ help ] N _t_ e is a program useful for generating PROM files which m_a_l_ implements a table lookup multiplier. It can also print- out debugging information which can be helpful in under- standing the meaning of the table. The output is printed to the file, mtable.dat S The command line options to _t_ e are : m_a_l_ -l # -l # This sets the least significant bit
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Unformatted text preview: (lsb) of the output byte and should range between 0 and 7, inclusive. The default is 7. -d With no address, this causes debug information -d for every value in the table to be output(a BIG file). With an address, only the debug information for that address is output. - elp Print out a brief summary of the argument lp usage. EE E A O mulprom(1) S R Kirk M. Sigel T Copyright (c) 1993 by the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology. All rights reserved. MIT EECS Dept. 1...
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