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Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6.111 - Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory VHDL Books These are roughly in order of applicability to 6.111 ----------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Skahill,Kevin."VHDL for Programmable Logic". Addison- Wesley. I used this book for 6.195 taught in the fall of 1997. It is a good introduction to the Cypress Warp software. It is oriented towards synthesis rather than simulation. It includes references to and explanation of gate arrays, although Cypress, at this juncture, does not sell gate arrays. It deals with release4 4.3. It does not describe the current release 5.2. 6.111 emphasizes synthesis. There are a lot of typos. It is likely out of stock. ----------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Ott,Douglas.E.and Wilderotter,Thomas.J."A Designer's Guide to VHDL Synthesis".Kluwer Academic Publishers. This book is quite readable. It has a number of tutorials at the end, including one using the WARP software tools. ----------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Pellerin,David.and Taylor,Douglas."VHDL Made Easy". Prentice Hall.
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vhdlbooks - Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

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