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INSTRUCTION DIVISION FIRST SEMESTER 2008-2009 Course Handout (Part II) Date : 2 Aug 2008 In addition to part-I (General handout for all courses appended to the timetable) this portion gives further specific details regarding the course: COURSE NO. : BITS C481 COURSE TITLE : COMPUTER NETWORKS INSTRUCTOR In- Charge : VIRENDRA S SHEKHAWAT (vsshekhawat@bits-pilani.ac.in) : Vikas Singh (vikas@bits-pilani.ac.in) Course Web page: http://discovery.bits-pilani.ac.in/discipline/csis/virendra/bitsc481/compnet.htm Scope and Objectives This course will give you a breakdown of the applications, communications protocols, and network services that make a computer network work. We will closely follow the top down approach to computer networking as given in the textbook, which will enable you to understand the most visible part i.e. the applications, and then seeing, progressively, how each layer is supported by the next layer down. Most of the time our example network will be the Internet. Also, a chapter on wireless and mobile networks will be covered as currently users access the Internet from offices, from homes, while on move, and from public places wirelessly. We also plan to have several programming assignments to provide practical skills and insights using
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