BIS230- Ch 12 Solutions

BIS230- Ch 12 Solutions - Guide to Networking Essentials,...

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, 5th ed., 14188-37180 Ch. 12 Solutions-1 Chapter 12 Solutions Review Questions 1. Which of the following user accounts is predefined in Windows Server 2000/2003? (Choose all that apply.) b. Guest c. Administrator 2. When an employee leaves an organization, and you want to prevent that account from being used but maintain all rights and permissions so that it can be reactivated, you should _________________ the account. disable 3. Which Windows repair and recovery facility can be run by booting to the installation CD, can replace files, and can manage partitions? b. Recovery Console 4. What is the Linux command-line program for creating users? a. useradd 5. Which of the following records failed logon attempts? a. auditing 6. The ______________________ log in Event Viewer is most useful for determining which drivers have been loaded. System 7. To disable an account in Linux Fedora Core 4, you should do which of the following? b. Insert “!” at the beginning of the user’s password. 8. Which of the following is most useful for getting detailed performance information about a server’s disks? a. Performance Monitor 9. Which kind of backup type does not mark files as backed up? (Choose all that apply.) a. copy c. differential 10. In a three-disk RAID 5 stripe set, where is the parity information? d. on all disks 11. You created a six-disk stripe set with parity. Each disk is 30 GB. How much room do you have in the stripe set for user data? b. 150 GB 12. Which RAID level provides enhanced performance but no fault tolerance? a. RAID 0
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BIS230- Ch 12 Solutions - Guide to Networking Essentials,...

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