BIS230- Ch 04 Solutions

BIS230- Ch 04 Solutions - Guide to Networking Essentials...

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Guide to Networking Essentials , 5th ed., 14188-37180 Ch. 4 Solutions-1 Chapter 4 Solutions Review Questions 1. Of the following PC bus types, which supports 32-bit data transmission? (Choose all that apply.) a. PCI-X b. PCI 2. Which of the following statements is true? a. A driver is a small program that mediates between the computer’s operating system and a hardware device. 3. When installing a NIC driver, the driver supplied by the card manufacturer is always the most up to date. True or False? False 4. A network adapter card converts serial data from the computer into parallel data from the network for transmission and reverses that process on reception. True or False? False 5. Which of the following lists the most common PC bus widths? d. 32-bit and 64-bit 6. The PCI-X bus standard pushes data transfer rates to ___________________: 4 GBps 7. Where is temporary data stored on a network adapter to act as a buffer for excess input or output? d. on-board RAM 8. To work correctly, which characteristics of a network adapter must match those of the network medium? (Choose all that apply.) a. network technology b. connector type c. transmission speed d. media type 9. Which standard provides a more robust security protocol for a wireless LAN and is based on WPA? c. 802.11i
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BIS230- Ch 04 Solutions - Guide to Networking Essentials...

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