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An engineering spreadsheet report The report from the strain gauge experiment will be in the form of a single spreadsheet file. The purpose of the spreadsheet will be to present the quantitative results of the experiment, stating simple conclusions deriving from this comparison. The spreadsheet will be graded according to the following criteria: 1. Logic and clarity of the layout. a. Clear presentation of raw data b. Clear calculations of derived quantities c. Clear, labelled and legible plots of time response, static calibration, referred to when used in calculations. d. Clear statements of fact or conclusions from experiment and theory 2. Completeness of data/calculations a. Sufficient number of data points? b. Derived quantities identified and calculated, together with useful intermediate steps? 3. Flexibility of spreadsheet calculations a. If a variable is changed, does the change propagate through the calculations? b. Are variable quantities identified? 4. Uncertainty analysis a. Technically correct?
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Unformatted text preview: b. Used to compare numbers and make statements of fact? 5. Control of numbers a. Appropriate precision. b. Units correct and identified. 6. Graphics a. Technically correct (lines, symbols, labels, units) b. Control of format – decisions rather than defaults. 7. On time The goal of the spreadsheet is much the same as that of a formal report – to tell a story based on experimental findings, and to make comparisons with appropriate theoretical models. Remember some of the techniques introduced last semester. Here it will quite useful to name call variables, and to use formatting to outline and identify different parts of the spreadsheet. Name the worksheets appropriately and remove unused ones. When you’re done, print out all relevant pages of the spreadsheet (quite likely to be 2 of these, no more) + graphs. Staple them together and hand the paper copies in together with the electronic version on floppy or zip disk. All materials will be returned in one week....
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