ExpB6 - Exp6 Automated sampling of turbulent jet flows...

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Exp6: Automated sampling of turbulent jet flows There is an important presentation based on this one. Make sure you do a careful and thoughtful job in the lab. It is here that clarity in thought can be achieved, or lost. Now that we have accumulated some LabVIEW programming experience, it can be put to work by doing something useful. This week, the Turbulent Jets experiment is revisited, but with two twists: it is your own project design and it is an automated version, with superior instrumentation that you now know how to modify and calibrate. The first half of the afternoon will be occupied in making final modifications to your from last week. They include: 1. Checking the distance calibration for traverse motion. 2. Writing and checking a standalone flowmeter that uses your conversion VI from Exp4B to report flow speeds in m/s. 3. Incorporating the Flowmeter into M&S.vi 4. Include the sd output from AI1, to measure velocity fluctuations 5. Write the results to disk on completion of a flow profile. The objective is to make velocity measurements in some kind of a turbulent jet experiment, and it is important to realize that all these programming tricks and niceties are means to an end. The end result should be good quality velocity profiles that can be compared with each other, or with reference material in the research literature. 1
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Part 1: Check calibration constants These instructions assume you have lost your VI from last week, and so they start from scratch. Assuming that is not the case, just use the worst-case instructions below as a guide to checking and modifying the magic constants for your M&S program. 1.
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ExpB6 - Exp6 Automated sampling of turbulent jet flows...

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