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Final Exam Questions - ECOL 330 - (gonadal development...

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Final Exam Questions ECOL 330 1) Describe 3 different points in the production of carotenoid-based plumage and explain how each can influence final carotenoid composition in the feathers. 2) How is the mechanism that produces color in structural-colored plumage different from both 3) Explain the similarities and differences between coherent scattering and incoherent scattering models of structural color production. Provide one example of each. 4) Give an adaptive explanation for why small songbirds have highly developed UV-sensitive vision. 5) What is the ecological inheritance? Give 3 (non-human) examples of evolutionary significance of ecological inheritance. 6) Why there is such a wide “window” between genetic (at fertilization) and phenotypic
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Unformatted text preview: (gonadal development) sex-determination in birds and mammals? 7) What is the behavioral inheritance? Give 3 examples of evolutionary significance of behavioral inheritance. 8) What type(s) of inheritance would facilitate evolution of cooperation between birds and river dolphins in the fish hunting video? 9) How would you test the type of inheritance (genetic, epigenetic, ecological, behavioral, other) in the river dolphin behavior video? 10) Why does wounding induce formation of hair follicles de novo ? Propose a treatment of baldness based on this principle that does NOT involve actual wounding. 11)...
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