Grading & Conduct in 341a

Grading & Conduct in 341a - 1. Predicted, approximate...

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1. Predicted, approximate grade distribution The grading will be based primarily on evaluation of 3 written lab. reports, together with 2 50-minute quizzes. There will also be a number of worksheets that must be completed for various labs, together with (very) occasional homework assignments. These make up the balance of the grade. The following table is given as an approximate guide only. % of grade Miscellaneous assignments 30 Reports 50 Quizzes 10 Lab performance and notebook 10 Total 100 Clearly, the most important component is the written reports. There will be smaller report fragments preceding each full report, and we attempt to arrange the semester so that you always get feedback from one attempt before another of similar style is graded. Note that the Lab Performance contribution is non-negligible. It is assigned by staff and TAs throughout the semester, and is a measure of each student’s effort and contribution during lab hours. A detailed breakdown is given in §3, where the approximate, predicted weighting factors for each assignment are given. 2. Computing the grade The grade is calculated from a weighted sum of normalised grades for all assignments as follows. For each i-th assignment, each j-th student is graded and given an integer (usually) number out of some arbitrary total (like, 42, for example). Let us call this the raw score, x ij . This score is then normalised by subtracting the mean and dividing by the standard deviation, σ i for that assignment: ij i ij i xx M σ = . So, the normalised score for the j-th student is expressed in units of standard deviations from the mean, and has a mean value of 0. A score of -1 is 1 standard deviation less than the mean. A score of greater than 1 is better than 1 standard deviation above the mean.
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Grading & Conduct in 341a - 1. Predicted, approximate...

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