AME 341a Fall 2007 schedule

AME 341a Fall 2007 - (20 Acoustics I the wave equation 14-Nov(21 Acoustics II plane waves 19-Nov NO LECTURE 21-Nov NO LECTURE 26-Nov(22 Acoustics

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Mechoptronics I (AME 341a) Fall 2007 Schedule Week Date Lecture Lab 27-Aug 29-Aug (1) What is science? 3-Sep LABOR DAY 5-Sep (2) Error analysis I 10-Sep (3) Error analysis II 12-Sep (4) Error analysis III 17-Sep (5) Elements of electronics 19-Sep (6) Linear circuits I 24-Sep (7) Linear circuits II 26-Sep (8) Phasors and complex exponentials 1-Oct (9) 1st order systems I - principles 3-Oct (10) 1st order systems II - practical examples 8-Oct (11) Op-amps - steady state 10-Oct (12) Op-amps - frequency response 15-Oct (13) How to write a report 17-Oct (14) Quiz preview 22-Oct (15) Discussion session [optional] 24-Oct Quiz#1 29-Oct (16) Digital circuits I - how to build a computer 31-Oct (17) Digital circuits II - analog-digital converters 5-Nov (18) Digital circuits III - analysis of discrete signals 7-Nov (19) Reports on reports 12-Nov
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Unformatted text preview: (20) Acoustics I - the wave equation 14-Nov (21) Acoustics II - plane waves 19-Nov NO LECTURE 21-Nov NO LECTURE 26-Nov (22) Acoustics III - production & measurement of pressure 28-Nov (23) How to write a report II & Word/Excel data analysis 3-Dec (24) Course summary/Quiz preview 5-Dec Quiz#2 15 R8 due CLASSES END 1 2 NO LAB 3 (1) Physical measurements 4 HW1 due (2) Real and virtual instruments 5 HW2 due (3) Linear circuits 6 (3.5) Excel & The Engineer 7 HW3.5 due (4) Transfer func. of 1st order sys. 8 HW4 due (5) Properties of Op-Amps R7 due 13 10 11 14 (8) Making noise -- acoustic waves (0) Face digitization (BHE 301, 2-2:30 pm) NO LAB THANKSGIVING R5 due (6) Digital circuits HW6 due (7) Analysis of discrete time series 12 9 Review outline for R5 This represents the best estimate as of August 23, 2007...
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