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Science for the Engineer What is science? Science is a method . Ideally it works like this: 1. Make careful/inspired/new observations of the external universe. 2. Formulate a falsifiable hypothesis to explain why #1 exists. 3. Make testable predictions about external universe, based on #2. 4. Test the predictions. Try and break the model. If it breaks, either fix it, or discard it, and try again Curiosities: -- the model itself is never really confirmed, although its predictions may be. This is a feature, not a flaw! -- method is quite odd, and counterintuitive, in that it is not very close to way in which most human units operate, most of the time (inductive inference, associative memory,. ..) -- it is entirely independent of any particular set of facts, laws, or results. (suppose general relativity were found to be incorrect. ..) Science differs in this respect from all other prescriptive views of the world, such as religion, mysticism and certain philosophies: “..the world exists according to xxx”
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