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The Written Report 1. You waste your time unless you can communicate what you have been doing with it. 2. The medium for most such technical communication is the written report, so you had better be good at it. Some characteristics of Reports: 1. Everybody hates to write them. 2. Everybody hates to read them. 3. Almost nobody does read them. 4. They take a HUGE amount of time to write. 5. They are absolutely CRUCIAL to YOUR success in engineering. The report structure is very stylised and rigid. It is always written in the 3rd person (removing the implied influence of the observer), and always has most, or all, of the following, labeled sections (or equivalents): Title/Cover Page What did you do? Who are you? Abstract Very brief summary of principal findings and conclusions. May include a single sentence introduction. Its purpose is to seduce
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Unformatted text preview: and summarise . Introduction Put subject in context. Why is this study being performed? (for 341 you must lie!) Bring general reader up to speed. Explicitly state objectives of this work. Procedure Materials and methods. Remember, experiment must be repeatable. Assume audience is you, before doing the experiment. Be con cise and pre cise. Results Straightforward description of results, with minimal interpretation. Note differences, but postpone discussion on reasons for differences until later. Discussion Interpretation of results. What is their significance in the light of the objectives stated in the introduction? <References> <Appendices> Further characteristics of reports: They are almost always: 6. Too long. 7. Badly organised. 8. Incoherent. 9. Incomplete. 1...
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