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Are you ready for the P153 midterm 1? 1. A thermometer of mass 0.055 kg and heat capacity 130 J/ kg K reads 15 . 0 C . It is then completely immersed in 0.300 kg of water with heat capacity 4186 J/ kg K. If the thermometer reads 44 . 4 C , what was the temperature of the water before insertion of the thermometer, neglecting other heat losses? 2. Honest Bender’s company is selling apple cider in 4 liter glass bottles for $7.50 each. The company pays $ 0.50 for each glass bottle and the cider costs $ 0.75 per kilogram. Assume the density of cider is the same as water. When the temperature is 4 . 0 C , 50,000 bottles are filled. The coefficient of volume expansion of cider is 280
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Unformatted text preview: × 10-6 K-1 and the linear expansion coeffiicent for the glass is 5 . 4 × 10-6 K-1 . How much extra profit does the company make if they filled the bottles of cider at 30 ◦ C instead of 4 . ◦ C ? 3. An ideal diatomic gas with intial volume V a = 25 liters , P a = 4 atm , and temperature T a = 250 K at point a follows the cycle below. The path a to b is isothermal and the volume doubles. Find the temperature at each point a, b, and c. How much work is done by the gas from a to b? How much work is done by the gas from b to c? If the cycle is run as a heat engine, what is the efficiency? P V a b c...
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