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PHYSICS 153 ASSIGNMENT 1 Due Friday September 15, 2006 by 5:30pm 1. The amplification or gain of a transistor amplifier may depend on the temperature. The gain for a certain amplifier at room temperature ( 20 . 0 C ) is 30.0, where as at 55 . 0 C it is 35.2. What would be the gain at 30 . 0 C if the gains depends linearly, over a limited range? 2. To measure temperatures, physicists and astronomers often use the variation of intensity of electromagnetic radiation emitted by an object. The wavelength λ max at which the intensity is greatest is given by the equation λ max T = 0 . 2898cm K, where T is the object temperature in Kelvins. In 1965, microwave radiation peaking at λ max = 0 . 107cm was discovered coming in all directions from space. To which temperature does this correspond? 3. In the interval between the freezing point of water and 700 . 0 C , a platinum resis- tance thermometer is used for interpolating the temperatures on the international scale. The Celsius temperature
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