assign52k6 - T max and what is the volume V m at this...

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Physics 153 Assignment 5 Due Friday October 13, 2006 by 5:30pm 1. An engine absorbs 400J of heat and does 120J of work in each cycle (a) What is the efficiency? (b) How much heat is rejected in each cycle? 2. An engine with an output of 200W has efficiency of 30%. It runs at 10 cycles/sec. (a) How much work is done in each cycle? (b) How much heat is absorbed and how much is ejected in each cycle? 3. An ideal monatomic gas is expanded from initial volume V 1 = 1 liter, P 1 = 2atm, and T 1 = 300 K to a volume V 2 = 2 liters and P 2 = 1atm. The expansion is performed along along a straight line in the PV-diagram. It is then re-compressed isothermally to its original values. (a) Find the function P ( V ) describing the expansion. (b) Find the function T ( V ) during the expansion. (c) At which volume is the temperature a maximum
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Unformatted text preview: T max and what is the volume V m at this maximum temperature, T max ? (d) What is the work done, the change in internal energy and the heat taken in during the temperature increase T to T max ? (e) What are these values for the nal part of the expansion V m to V 2 ? (f) Find the eciency. P V V 1 V 2 4. A horizontal insulated cylinder contains a frictionless nonconducting piston. On each side of the piston are 54 liters of monatomic ideal gas = 5 / 3 at 1 atm and 273K. Heat is slowly supplied to the gas on left side until the piston has compressed the gas on the right side to 7.59atm. (a) How much work is done on the gas on the right? (b) What is the temperature on the right side and what is it on the left side? 1 Heat coil 2...
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assign52k6 - T max and what is the volume V m at this...

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