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Physics 153 Assignment 8 Due Friday November 10, 2006 by 5:30pm 1. Three 10 , 000 kg ore cars are held at rest on a 30 incline on a mine railway using a cable that is parallel to the incline. The cable is observed to strech 15 cm just before the coupling between the lower two cars breaks, detaching the lowest car. Assuming the cable obeys Hook’s law. Find (a) the frequency and (b) the amplitude of the resulting oscillations of the remaining two cars. 2. A 4 . 0 kg block is suspended from a spring with force constant of 500 N/m . A 50 g bullet is fired into the block from directly below with a speed of 150 m/s and is imbedded in the block. (a) Find the amplitude of the resulting simple harmonic motion. (b) What fraction of the original kinetic energy of the bullet appears as mechanical energy in the harmonic oscillation? 3. Assume that you are examining the characteristics of the suspension system of a 2000 kg automobile. The suspension “sags” 10 cm when the weight of the entire automobile is placed
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