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BUAD Project

BUAD Project - Can they get financing If not how will they...

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BUAD Project Goal: Give a buy or sell recommendation on a stock. Use this as an exercise to improve your knowledge in an industry you would like to work in as a career. Choose a couple firms in different industries, just in case you cannot come to a strong conclusion with your first choice. Use tools discussed in class to demonstrate why your choice is a good idea. Tools: Ratios : Current Ratio Quick Ratio Debt Ratio or Long Term Debt Ratio Times Interest Earned What is the liquidity status of this firm? When do they have to refinance their bonds? Anytime in the next 2 or 3 years? If we go thru a deep recession could they survive?
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Unformatted text preview: Can they get financing? If not, how will they perform? Are they generating cash now or are they bleeding? Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio Profit Margin Total Asset Turnover Ratio ROA ROE Price/Earnings Ratio Market to Book Ratio How do these ratios compare to other firms in their industry? Who is their relevant competition? What is their cost of capital relative to other firms in the industry? What is the beta for the firm? What is unique about their business model? What gives them a competitive advantage? Why will they outperform or underperform the industry?...
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