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BUAD_311T_Outline_Fall_08 - University of Southern...

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1 University of Southern California Marshall School of Business BUAD 311T OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT FOR Fall 2008 ACCOUNTING MAJORS Professor Ashok Srinivasan Telephone: (213) 821-3633 E-mail: [email protected] Office : BRI 401F Office Hours: T Thu 1:00 – 2:30 pm Course Description Operations management is concerned with planning and controlling the operations that an organization uses to produce goods or provide services. The basic goals of this course are to: gain an exposure to the spectrum of operations management activities and to the types of decisions that operations managers are involved in, get insights into the basic trade-offs associated with operations-management decisions, introduce a variety of tools and techniques for helping operations managers reach and/or implement their decisions, increase awareness of how operations management interfaces with other functional areas such as finance and marketing, with a special emphasis of its relationship to accounting allow students to gain a perspective of the need for appropriate information and control systems for the different types of production process and operations acquaint students with the terminology of operations management, expose students to recent developments in world-class operations, The course will employ a variety of pedagogies in order to reach its goals. Most classes will be a mix of lectures, problem-solving and general discussion. A mixture of readings, case analyses, simulations, and operations-research techniques will be used as appropriate. Topics covered in the course include the following: introduction to operations strategy, evaluating and managing processes, managing queuing systems, project management, production planning, managing inventories of raw materials and
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2 components, just-in-time manufacturing, scheduling, service operations management, quality management and supply-chain management. Prerequisites: Students are expected to know the basics of Probability and Statistics, be familiar with at least the Normal and Uniform distributions. In addition every student is assumed to have access to and be able to use a word processor, e-mail, a web browser, and a spreadsheet software package. Course Material : th Edition) by F. Robert Jacobs, Richard B. Chase, and Nicholas J. Aquilano, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2008 (referred to in the course outline as JCA). Also required is the course packet available at the USC bookstore. eBook Option A custom ebook containing the relevant chapters from the textbook is available at http://ebooks.primisonline.com/ To browse or purchase, go to the above website and click on “Custom eBooks”. You will get a page titled ”5 Easy Steps”. Please read the ebook options available by clicking on Information about your eBook Options ”. Then click on “Next”. To get to purchase screen, you will be asked to select Country (USA), State (California), School (University
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BUAD_311T_Outline_Fall_08 - University of Southern...

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