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BUAD 311T Homework # 5 1. Building a Playground The following table represents a plan to build a playground for children. Each activity that is part of the project is listed along with the normal time it takes to complete the activity, its predecessor activities, the crash time of the activity and the associated crashing cost per day. Code Activity Normal Time (days) Immediate Predecessors Crash Time (days) Crash cost ($/day)
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Unformatted text preview: A Planning 20 None 15 30 B Purchasing 60 A 50 14 C Excavation 100 A 75 20 D Sawing 30 B 20 15 E Placement 20 C, D F Assembly 10 E G Infill 20 F H Out fill 10 F I Decoration 30 G ,H (a) Draw the network diagram. (b) Find the critical path. How many days will it take to complete the project? (c) Determine a cost effective way to reduce the project completion time to 175 days. 2. JCA Chapter 3 Problem 9 (page 84)...
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