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Team Field Assignment Checklist 1 1 Team Field Assignment Checklist BUAD 311T Operations Management for Accounting Majors Professor Ashok Srinivasan 2 Checklist • Firm background • How does the firm compete? • Operations environment – Process Flow Diagram/Service Blueprint/Video – Product/Process features – Meta Model – For example: Product-Process Matrix, Service-System Design Matrix, Strategic Service Vision – Constraints on performance
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Team Field Assignment Checklist 2 3 Checklist (contd.) • Identify focus of study and data collection • Delineate scope of project
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Unformatted text preview: Data At least 25 observations Peak Vs Off-peak Process Analysis metrics CT, Rate, TPT Queuing Analysis Calculating lambda, mu, rho, Ca, and Cs from observed data Calculating average time in system and queue from observed data 4 Checklist (contd.) Predicting E(W), E(Wq), E(L), E(Lq) using a queuing model Comparing observed versus predicted Keep in mind that Rho cannot exceed 1 What does it mean if it does? Recommendations Improvements What-if analysis?...
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