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Section : 2 pm 4 pm Name:_ Solutions_ _____ (Circle one) 1 BUAD 311T QUIZ #1 Fall 2007 Leventhal Café (30 points total) Leventhal Café, a popular local restaurant, serves a mix of basic sandwiches, salads and gourmet pizzas, and has eat-in and take-out customers. A process flow diagram showing the flow of work through the system is given below along with a description of how customers/food orders arrive and are processed. The average group of diners (for both eat-in and take-out) contains 3 people. Eat-in customers enter the restaurant and go immediately to the Eat-In Order Counter, where they place their order and pay for their meal. There are two workers there, so that two groups of diners can be served simultaneously. It takes either of these workers an average of 30 seconds per person in the group to take the order, and 2 minutes per group to take payment. After placing their order, customers step aside and wait for their meals to be prepared. After an order is placed, the cash register system automatically communicates it to the kitchen, where workers prepare the order. The kitchen staff consists of 5 workers, and it takes an average of 4 worker-
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This note was uploaded on 07/21/2009 for the course BUAD 311T taught by Professor Vaitsos during the Fall '07 term at USC.

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Microsoft Word - quiz_1_Fall_07_solution - Section: 2 pm 4...

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