Kinetic energy is not a vector and direction of

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Unformatted text preview: f motion does not matter. If it moves it has kinetic energy. 3 K = kb T 2 Example 4 Determine the average kinetic energy of a gas at 25oC. 3 K = kb T 2 3 K = (1.38 10 - 23 )(298) = 6.17 10 - 21 J 2 RHJansen Trends rms = Example 5 3RT = M 3kb T m 3 K = kb T 2 If the temperature of a gas doubles a. the speed of the molecules increase/decreases by a factor of... Increases by a factor of root 2 b. kinetic energy of molecules increase/decreases by a factor of... Increase by a factor of 2 As temperature increases the molecules move faster and as a result gain kinetic energy. RHJansen...
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