The average mean calculated needs to be square rooted

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Unformatted text preview: age (mean) calculated needs to be square rooted to undo the affect of squaring everything. RHJansen Root Mean Squared Velocity The information on the proceeding slide leads to an equation relating gas speed to temperature. vrms Root Mean Squared Velocity R Universal Gas Constant (R = 8.31) kb Boltzman Constant (kb = 1.38 10-23) T M Temperature in Kelvin Molar mass (kg/mol) Mass of one mole of gas. Divide the mass number (grams/mole) by 1000 to convert kilograms/mole. vrms = 3 = 3 Molecular mass (kg/atom) Mass of one molecule of gas. Multiply the mass number (amu's) by the conversion to kilograms (1.6610-27 kg/amu) RHJ...
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