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Natalie Oughourlian Name Natalie Oughourlian Last 4 digits of my ID are: 9248 Final Examination (200 points), December 8-10, 2007 Important! Read before you begin. 1) Exam must be typed, stapled, checked for spelling errors, and signed. Please type your name on the top of every page. 2) Print the completed exam and bring it to BSW 310 (EEB main office) by 11:00AM, Monday, Dec 10, 2007 . Penalty for late submissions is 50 points per 12 hrs delay as per syllabus. E-mail attachments and faxes will not be accepted. You can return your completed exam to the reception secretary in BSW 310 starting at 8AM Monday, Dec 10, 2007. The reception secretary will have a folder in BSW 310 labeled “ECOL 330 Final Exams”. 3) Please read, understand, and sign the following statement: “By signing below, I state that the work presented in this exam is entirely my own . I am aware that although I am allowed to use my notes or books for this exam, I will do so without consulting any other individual. I understand that I cannot copy my answers from any source, including the Internet, but rather will provide my very own synthesis of knowledge and ideas . I understand that if I found in violation of this principle I will lose the entire score for this exam and will be a subject to penalties specified by the University of Arizona Academic Integrity code. Also, I am familiar with the ECOL 330 penalties for frivolous grade appeals as stated in the syllabus.” Signature: __________________ Date: _________________ 4) Note that the amount of blank space given after each question indicates the approximate length of the answer we expect for each question. Please do not use the font size smaller than 8 points and larger than 12 points. 5) Please read the questions and other instructions closely and Good Luck!
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Natalie Oughourlian Question 1: 1) Why does wounding induce formation of hair follicles de novo ? (5 pts) When a wound occurs, stem cells on the skin regenerate and repair that area. The majority of the stem cells located upon the skin’s topical layer come from the hair and its corresponding hair follicle. This stimulates the hair and stem cells and promotes regeneration of the hair and its follicle. 2) How does wounding induce formation of hair follicles de novo ? (5pt) The process of reepithelialization induces formation of hair follicles de novo . When a wound occurs, cells from the skin regenerate, thus repairing the surface and creating a new hair follicle. 3) Propose a treatment of baldness based on the mechanism in (2) that does NOT involve actual wounding. (5 pts) An increase in iron within the diet can allow the hair to increase in strength and concentration. Also, a decrease in stress could potentially decrease the amount of hair loss. Question 2:
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ECOL330-Final-2007 - Natalie Oughourlian Name Natalie...

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