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961ls01Intro2 - Fall 2007 Linear Systems Chapter 01...

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Fall 2007 線性系統 Linear Systems Chapter 01 Information & Introduction Feng-Li Lian NTU-EE Sep07 – Jan08 Materials used in these lecture notes are adopted from “Linear System Theory & Design,” 3rd. Ed., by C.-T. Chen (1999) NTUEE-LS1-Intro-2 Feng-Li Lian © 2007 Syllabus Lecture Information: Time: 9:10am-12noon, Tuesays Room: EE-MD231 Webpage: http://cc.ee.ntu.edu.tw/~fengli/Teaching/LinearSystems/ Instructor: 連豊力 (Feng-Li Lian), Office: EE-MD717 E-mail: [email protected], Phone: 02-3366-3606 Teaching Assistant: To be determined Grading: • Homework (30%) due in class, no late homework is accepted Midterm exam (20+20%) on 10/23 and 11/27 Final exam (30%) on 1/15 Textbook: Linear System Theory & Design, 3rd. Ed., by C.-T. Chen (1999) 09/11/07
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NTUEE-LS1-Intro-3 Feng-Li Lian © 2007 Homework and Exam Homework Rules: No late homework will be graded!!! 請註明:作業次別,姓名,學號,系級,日期 Problems End-of-Chapter Problems Special Problems Exam Rules: 1-hour (midterm) & 2-hour (final) exam
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