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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6.111 – Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory ModelSim/Verilog Tutorial Tutorial Comments to David Milliner Introduction This tutorial is designed to familiarize you with Verilog coding/syntax and simulation in the ModelSim environment. Verilog HDL is a hardware description language used to design digital systems. Along with VHDL, Verilog is the primary industry tool for programming digital systems. ModelSim is the industry standard simulation tool for verifying digital designs. Directory Structure When you log into the lab computers you will have access to your own drive (U:/) where you can store your files for this class. You will probably want to back these files up on your Athena account from time to time as a backup. You can transfer files back and forth from your Athena account using WinSCP. In your U:/ drive create a tutorial folder with the subfolders src and sims. The src folder will contain the source code for this tutorial and the sims directory is where you will be compiling your code. On the lab PCs you will see a shared drive (S:/) from which you should be able to access the files necessary for this tutorial. Copy the files from the S:/ to your src folder on the U:/ drive. The files to copy are counter.v, top.v, tb_tutorial.v, full_adder.v, full_adder_4bit.v, and test_adder.v.
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