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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6.111 - Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory Project Suggestions In past years, a great variety of projects have been successfully completed. The following is a list of some of these completed Fnal project reports. All the project reports listed below are on Fle You may sign out any one for an . overnight loan or for reading in the lab. You are free to make a copy of part or all of a report if you want to keep it for a longer time. The best and most interesting of your project reports will be used to augment this list for future terms. It is often more satisfying to have projects which do something in addition to blinking LEDs. Examples are audio output, TV monitors, or VDT terminal displays. Be careful most unsuccessful projects were too complex. We will help you to size your project appropriately. Computer/Editor/Graphics 94-8 Video Editing in Real Time 94-11 OSCAR, Optical Character Recognition Machine 94-16 Digital Oscilloscope 96-3 Visually Controlled Pointer Device 96-7 An Object Tracker 96-15 A Personal Location and Navigation System at MIT 97-4 Stretch 97-9 Digital Postscript Imager 2000-2 The Design and Implementation of a Digital Oscilloscope 2000-4 BrushFre: A Hardware Platform for Running a Modern Operating System 2000-8 Design and Implementation of a General Purpose
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prj_suggestions - Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

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