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Unformatted text preview: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6.111- Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory Project Information Introduction The term project in 6.111 is your opportunity to specify a small digital system. You will design, build, debug, demonstrate, and report on this system. This memorandum sets forth our expectations and requirements for this project and makes a few suggestions which should help to make your project a success. In order to accomplish all that is expected by the end of the term, it is essential that you stay on schedule . Both the determination of grades and the project time requirements are inherently sub- jective. Lab 3 provides some guidance to the evaluation of project size and complexity. A reasonable guideline as to size of 6.111 projects is that it not require more than a kit and a proto board per person. 6.111 student projects often become too large because of a desire to effect computations in parallel and at high speed. Data paths are often unnecessarily wide and redundant. It is generally far better to minimize the type and extent of the data paths even though this results in more complicated control circuitry. Use of FSMs implemented with FPGAs allows implementation of complicated control. Instructions 1. The first step in starting your project is to find a partner with whom you wish to work. Two-person projects are preferred, but three-person projects are permitted. Individ- ual projects must be approved by the lecturer. 2. The second step is to decide what you wish to do. A list of project suggestions appears in this handout. This list may be helpful in this regard since it is compiled from past projects which were successfully completed. 3. The third step is to submit a PROPOSAL ABSTRACT (one for each student) using the attached form. This item and the PROPOSAL which follows are to be prepared jointly with your partner. We will use the proposal abstract to assign project teams to members of the teaching staff. Those assignments will be posted shortly after the deadline for proposal submission. 4. The fourth step is to write the PROPOSAL. It is comprised...
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projectinfo - Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

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