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Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science ELECTRICAL SAFETY for Staff and Students in EECS Instructional Laboratories NEVER WORK ALONE If you are working with energized circuits or equipment over 50 volts peak, make sure that at least one other person can see you and hear you. In case of emergency DIAL 100 from any phone; and, notify the stock clerk on duty. VOLTAGE RULES All EECS Instructional Laboratories lab kit voltages are below 50 volts peak . (OSHA permits “unqualified persons” to work on such circuits with “awareness-type” training.) If you intend to work on a project using power sources over 50 volts peak , you must secure permission and receive specific training from your Instructor, TA, or Lab Technical Personnel before any work on the project begins. PREVENT ACCIDENTS: FOLLOW THIS ADVICE Never hurry. Work deliberately and carefully. Connect to the power source LAST. If you are working with a lab kit that has internal power supplies, turn the main power switch OFF before you begin work on the circuits. Wait a few seconds for power supply capacitors to discharge. These steps will also help prevent damage to circuits. If you are working with a circuit that will be connected to an external power supply, turn the power switch of the external supply OFF before you begin work on the circuit. Check circuit power supply voltages for proper value and for type (DC, AC, frequency) before energizing the circuit. Do not run wires over moving or rotating equipment, or on the floor, or string them across walkways from bench-to-bench. Remove conductive watch bands or chains, finger rings, wrist watches, etc., and do not use metallic pencils, metal or metal edge rulers, etc. when working with exposed circuits. When breaking an inductive circuit open the switch with your left hand and turn your face away to avoid danger from any arc which may occur across the switch terminals. When using large electrolytic capacitors be sure to wait long enough (approximately five time constants) for the capacitors to discharge before working on the circuit. All conducting surfaces intended to be at ground potential should be connected together.
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safety - Department of Electrical Engineering Computer...

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