Ess of Sys Anls- Case Sol- CH 04

Ess of Sys Anls- Case Sol- CH 04 - Essentials of Systems...

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Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design, 3 rd Pine Valley Case Exercises Solutions a. Since this is Pete Polovich’s first time organizing a JAD session, he would like to locate additional information about organizing and conducting a JAD session. Visit one of the Web sites recommended in the textbook or locate a site on your own. After visiting this site, provide Pete with several recommendations for conducting and organizing a JAD session. The textbook mentions Bluebird Enterprises, Inc. ( ), and Hathaway and Associates, Inc. ( ), Both of these sites are good sources of information about JAD. Two additional sources of information are Creative Data, Inc. (, and Carolla Development, Inc. ( The Carolla white paper discusses general JAD principles, identifies several JAD tasks, and provides additional references. Also, review your notes on the JAD video as well! So what are your recommendations to Pete? From the Bluebird site you should highlight discussions on Pre Workshop Activities and planning, Workshop activities, and discuss the Key Players. You may mention the benefits derived from these JAD Workshops as well (see the site!). b. When conducting your interviews, what guidelines should you follow? Class lectures, slides, and Table 4-4 in text lists the interviewing guidelines. These guidelines include: Background work on company, Asking for introductory memo, planning the interview, initial conversation, cultural differences, tape recorders vs. confidentiality, being neutral, seeking diverse views, listening and taking notes, and reviewing these notes, how to dress, Report back on summary. c. As part of the requirements determination process, what business documents should be reviewed? The analyst should try to obtain access to a variety of business documents. Types of documents include Pine Valley’s mission statement, Existing systems manuals (if any) business plans, design documents (if any) an organization chart, business policy manuals, minutes of meetings, job descriptions, and internal and external correspondence.
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Because the Customer Tracking System is a new system, reports from a prior organizational study would not be available. d. Is prototyping an appropriate requirements determination method for this project? (write one page) Prototyping is an appropriate requirements determination method. When designing the new system’s forms and reports, prototyping will be of definite benefit. See earlier discussions and slides posted.
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Ess of Sys Anls- Case Sol- CH 04 - Essentials of Systems...

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