Ess of Sys Anls- Rvw Sol- Ch 03

Ess of Sys Anls- Rvw Sol- Ch 03 - Chapter 3: Review...

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Chapter 3: Review Questions Solutions 1. Describe the project identification and selection process. Organizations vary as to how they identify projects, and all methods of identification have been found to have strengths and weaknesses. Research has found, for example, that projects identified by top management more often have a strategic organizational focus. Some projects are identified by top-down initiatives while others are identified by bottom-up initiatives. Because limited resources preclude the development of all proposed systems, most organizations have some process of classifying and ranking the merit of each project. Those projects deemed to be inconsistent with overall organizational objectives, redundant in functionality to some existing system, or unnecessary are removed from consideration. Classifying and ranking projects, the second major activity, focuses on assessing the relative merit of potential projects. Different organizations may follow different processes for this activity. Project selection, the third activity, is a process of considering both short- and long-term projects and selecting those most likely to achieve business objectives. Additionally, as business conditions change over time, the importance of any single project may substantially change. 2. Describe several project evaluation criteria. Table 3 2 describes several project evaluation criteria, including value chain analysis, strategic alignment, potential benefits, resource availability, project size/ duration, and technical difficulty/risks. 3. List and describe the steps in the project initiation and planning process. Project initiation focuses on activities designed to assist in organizing a team to conduct project planning. The types of activities performed during project initiation are listed in Table 3 3. Project planning is the process of defining clear, discrete activities and the work needed to complete each activity within a single project. The objective of the project planning process is the development of a Baseline Project Plan (BPP) and a Statement of Work (SOW). The range of
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Ess of Sys Anls- Rvw Sol- Ch 03 - Chapter 3: Review...

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